windows 8 doesnt really shutdown.

Hi friends,
Recently when I was trying to downgrade OS from win8 to Win7.I struggled alot to enter bios through F2 and F10 option but everything went in vain. Later I googled to find out that Windows 8 doesn’t really shutdown infact it make system to go in sleep mode every time when user clicks shutdown button.

Windows sends the machines to sleep mode when user shutdown, to make the next start/boot faster.In other words this shutdown is a kind of sleep mode for machine.

The Solution:
If you want to force windows8 to really shutdown, you’ll have to do something different than usual. Keep the “shift” key pressed and do the shutdown operation and not realease the shift key untill it shut down.
Now in the next start you’ll see the boot menu options and you can enter into bios.
I hope you liked my post.If you have any queries please comment below.