Download and Configure Tomcat Apache 7



Welcome! Here you’ll find the steps to Download and configure Tomcat Apache 7.

Brief Intro:

Tomcat Apache is an Open Source Web server which is often used as Application Server to deploy web based applications.

Download Link:

Configuration Steps:

  • Unzip teh downloaded folder and copy under C:/ Drive
  • Install JRE and JDK and set Environment variable of path pointing to your JDK bin folder.
    JRE_HOME=c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_{xx}

-This can be done in Environment variable of PC where Name is JRE_HOME and Value is  C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_{xx}

Set your Path and JRE_HOME as shown below.


Note: If you have not set your JRE_HOME value properly the tomcat Apache will not run.

Now go to Tomcat Apache folder inside your C:\ Drive and double click on startup.bat file as shown in screen below.

If Tomcat Apache has started successfully then you should see the windows as below which says the server has started on any particular port(Generally it will be port 8080)


To verify if the Server has started, go to your browser and Type:

localhost:8080 and press Enter and you should see the below screen.


Congrats!! Thats it!!

Thanks! Hope this post has been useful to you!

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-Abdul Rafi