Performing Restore Operation with Acronis 2015


Let me give you a quick intro about Acronis- A efficient tools to backup your Hard drive and restore anytime without loosing your data. There are much other options like Cloning etc., You can read more about it here –Read More

Before we Start download a trial Version of the Software here.

In this post I will Guide Through “How to Recover or restore from Acronis Backup” in Just simple 10 Steps. Ill be soon posting the procedure for Creating a Backup using Acronis.

Insert the CD and Connect the External USB Drive containing your Backup file(Created from Acronis).

Now Restart Machine and Set “Boot from CD option in BIOS” and follow Below Steps,

Step 1:

Select Acronis True Image 2015


Step 2:

Click on Recover Option


Step 3:

Click on Browse for Backup button as Shown in Picture.


Step 4:

Select your acronis Backed up file.(This is Created from an Existing Working Machine)


Step 5:

Right Click on the Backup file and Click Recover.


Step 6:

Select “Recover Whole Disks and Partitions”


Step 7:

Check Mark complete disk partitions or Simply click on the disk name(it will select all).


Step 8:

By default your System Disk will be selected so you don’t have to do any thing..Just click “Next”


Step 9:

The next will be a dialog box notifying you about the disk format and Restore operation.(If you dont want to format your disk and cancel the Operation then this will be your last change). Just Select OK.


Step 10:

Next Screen will show you the summary. Simply Click “Proceed”


NOTE: If this Operation Gives fails to start or Gives you error Message as “Restricted or Blocked” or any kind of Security Error Message. Then Just change your Boot Option in BIOS from Legacy to UEFI. That should sort out your issue.

Hope you have liked this post. Feel free to write for any Queries, Ill try my best to help you in resolving.

-Abdul Rafi
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